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  • G Suite / O365 Integration 

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Our Features Your Perfect Phish Protection!


Active Defense

Unlike training or simulation solutions, Clearedin takes an active approach to protecting you and your users. Bad emails are instantly and clearly locked so your users never engage with them.

Fast, Easy Deployment

Clearedin is a snap to deploy. You’re up and running in minutes. There's no hardware or complicated or messy configuration of email, DNS, or server parameters. And it's super easy for your users.

Actionable Insights

Your admins get fast and usable insights into where your attacks are coming from. They can quickly dig into which users have been impacted, by whom, and who your most high-profile targets are.


Anti-phishing shouldn't be complicated or expensive. Clearedin is available as a simple, affordable, pay-as-you-go model. It’s easy to try and cost-effective to scale.

User Friendly

Users love Clearedin because it’s transparent with safe emails, and easy and informative to use with dangerous ones. Scroll further below to hear what our users have to say in their own words.
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